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Kate Mulgrew at Con Edison Lunch and Learn
Report and photos by Jerry Diaz

On June 20, 2013, employees of Con Edison were treated to a “Lunch and Learn” visit by Kate Mulgrew. Ms. Mulgrew was performing in Jenny Schwartz’ Somewhere Fun (which completed its 6-week run on Sunday), at New York City’s Vineyard Theatre; a venue sponsored by Con Edison. We discussed her role as Rosemary and she explained the plot and helped us relate to hers and other characters’ stories.

It was fairly clear that the attendees seemed to be mainly made up of Star Trek Voyager fans. To the apparent relief of much of the crowd, Kate was understanding of and amused by this fact; She allowed and even encouraged the prime direction (ouch) of our Q&A to be about Kate’s time as the great Captain Janeway. In a very informal, relaxed hour which flew by at warp speed (double-ouch), she delighted us with stories and anecdotes—even allowing us to get into some geeky, episode-specific conversation.

Kate was captivating, charismatic and fascinating to listen to. She was so candid about her family life and career and thorough in her thoughtful responses to our numerous questions that everyone wished it could go on a while longer. She was even gracious enough to sign autographs and take pictures with everyone who asked. What a wonderful afternoon!

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