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#oitnb #orangeisthenewblack 1,2,3…GO June 6 #netflix #katemulgrew



Natasha Lyonne about her scenes with Kate Mulgrew  | |  Orange Is The New Black Paleyfest panel 2014

One of my fav moments from PaleyFest! Natasha Lyonne & Kate Mulgrew FTMFW!

Mary & Jack on Ryan’s Hope 1975-77

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Name: Kate Mulgrew

Age: 58

Place of Birth: Dubuque, Iowa

What did you / do you want to be when you grew / grow up?

Always wanted to be an actress, but loved to write - and now, at last, I can do both.

Profession: Actor

Greatest Love:

Books and my best friend, Beth.

The best advice you have given or have been given?

Be not afraid - it’s oblivion before, and oblivion after, to soar into life.

3 words that best describe you:

Passionate, Generous, Independent

  • Date: 11/19/13  
  • Time: 4:00PM   
  • Location: NYC